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The most cheerful seats. These seats are unnumbered, you can sit wherever you like within the tribune. Except sector 09 which has numbers.

Front Box A/B/C/D​

Located at floor level, as close to the parade as it gets, in four rows of boxes, from A to D. Each box sits six people in numbered chairs.

VIP Lounge All Inclusive

The most luxuriouse experience in Rio’s Carnival! All Inclusive Service with a Lounge area close to the Parades. Enjoy delicious buffet, open bar, spa, transfer in/ out and more.

Rio Carnival Sambadrome Tickets 2025
Package: Carnival Tickets + Gifts
Grandstands, Front Box or VIP Carnival Tickets
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Worldwide Event

The Rio carnival parades is a briliant event of music, dance and each school tells a unique story each year.

Samba Parade Costume

Besides Carnival Tickets, our agency work with 2 samba parade costume options so you can have the experience of a lifetime parading at sambadrome.

Great Sector Selection

We work with the best sambadrome sectors so you can see the Rio parades in the best spots.


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